The Engineer: Study Mindsets

Hi again! Hope you're had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. If you're feeling anything like me, you might be feeling ready for the year to be over. So much has happened in 2018 and it just feels time to move on and start fresh to take on new challenges. For some of you the end of the year means finals are approaching. It can be really stressful, but you will be able to push through. Last year I provided some tips on how to best study for finals. While it is important to have the technical mindset to study, it's really important to make sure you go into studying with the right mindset to best improve your outcome. Here are my tips to get your mind right to study:

Give yourself time to recharge.

Sleep, take a nap, workout, do something to give yourself a break from studying. You're not going to retain anything if you're so exhausted to the point where you can't think.

Set focus intervals.

Set a timer to dedicate to focus to something specific and actually focus. You'd be surprised how much you can get done in the time that you're really focusing. You'll learn a lot and accomplish a lot in that time frame than if you were scattered.

Limit distractions.

If you don't need your computer, don't pull it out. Put your phone on DND. Limit any external distractions so you can use your study time effectively and productively.

Finals can be tough, but don't let it destroy you. Take charge, get your mind right and you will be successful. Good luck! - The Engineer


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