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Hello Again! Hope you guys had a really good thanksgiving and enjoyed the time off to spend with those you’re close to!

I know a lot of readers are beginning to study for finals. I am so glad that I don’t have to deal with that right now because I could only imagine coming from a break where you got to relax (hopefully) how it must be to have to go back to school mode (p.s. if you missed my post on how to get back into the groove of things, check out my post now ). Nevertheless, reality has set in, finals are approaching, and I’m here to give you some of my study tips.

Start Early: Starting early not only gives you the time to make sure you cover all the material for the exam, but it also gives you the time to study in a more relaxed mind frame. If you’re stressed while you’re studying/cramming right before an exam, you’re going to probably go into the exam stressed which may affect your overall performance. Give yourself time to go through the material at your own pace and understand everything at ease.

Study in the same mind frame you’re going to take the exam. I read something awhile ago that said if you’re trying to retain information and you’re in a specific mental state, you’re mind is going to feel that that’s the only way you can remember something. Make sure you’re in a clear mindframe so that you’re retaining the material in a way that you would recall that information in an exam.

Take small breaks to reset. If you feel yourself start to lose focus, don’t be hesitant to take a break. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. While you’re on a break, your mind is still thinking about what you’ve learned in the back of your mind and could be connecting the missing dots that you didn’t understand when you were actively studying at first. There was one time in school where I was working on a coding assignment and there was one part I couldn’t figure out and I was getting really frustrated. I went to go grab some food and watch some tv and while doing that somehow my brain came up with the algorithm I needed to solve my problem. I wrote down my idea quickly, finished my break, and when I went back to code it, my idea worked! Taking breaks can help you!

Have everything set to study: If you’re going to study for a particular class, make sure you have everything you need to effectively study especially if you’re not studying in your dorm/apartment. There’s nothing more frustrating getting to the library after walking 10-15 mins from your apartment only to realize you don’t have your calculator. Maximize your time by being prepared.

Be self-aware. Hopefully you’ve been engaged throughout the entire semester that you’re taking the class. You should have an understanding on how her you’re good at and what you’re not do good at. Don’t spend hours studying something that you know you know well just because it makes you “feel productive”. In the same token, if you know there’s something you know 80% of the way through work to get that remaining 20% but know your limit. You don’t want all your grades to suffer just because you’re focused on one thing which you’re not even sure will be on your exam. Work efficiently and effective to cover all the material to the best of your ability.

Best of luck studying for finals! Remember you are capable and you will survive! - The Engineer

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