The Engineer: The Year of Being Intentional

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re doing well and enjoyed our fun facts last week! This week we’re talking about our goals for 2019. Now, it might be a little bit late, but I’m still accidentally writing 2018 everywhere so there’s still time.

Last year I focused on growth but didn’t have a clear definition of what that meant for me. This year I wanted to focus on being intentional. I want to know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I plan on setting real, tangible goals this year that I feel that with focus I can definitely achieve. Here are the ways I want to be intentional:

Professionally Intentional

Last year I learned A LOT from being on my current team and got to take on a lot of responsibility so young in my career. Ive gotten to become the subject matter expert on a lot of different technical topics and enhanced a lot of my soft skills by having to communicate with different groups of people. Outside of my day job, I got to take on leadership roles by being appointed a Co-Chair of the New Analyst and Intern Committee. All of these things have been a great experience, but I want to focus on building my professional reputation across the engineering division. My professional goal for this year is to get promoted this year from analyst to associate.

Financially Intentional

Full transparency here, I haven’t been the best at spending my money. I don’t spend beyond by means, however, I have gotten a little crazy and sometimes I lose track of where/what I’m spending my money on. This year I want to be more organized and intentional in terms of my finances. My financial goals for this year are:

  • Save enough money to cover my expenses for at least a month

  • Create and maintain and active budget and stick to it.

  • Pay off at least 50% of my debts (inclusive of student loans, credit card, and car)

This is going to be tough, but I’m determined which means I have to stay focused.

Personally Intentional

I want to be intentional with myself. I want to make sure that I’m working towards bettering myself physically, emotionally, and mentally and not compromising any of those things. I want to hone in and cultivate my different passion projects and interests. This umbrella is going to constantly be changing in terms of adding new goals but for the next three months I want to focus on:

  • Completing my UX design course

  • Building my personal website

  • Building my design portfolio

  • Reading two books

  • Teaching my first workout class

I’m excited for this year and hope for good things to come. Can you guys hold me accountable? What are your goals for this year. - The Engineer


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