The Engineer: Tips from a Recruiter

Hello again. Welcome back to our blog. About a month ago I gave a recap about my NSBE experience and mentioned a little bit about what it was like recruiting for my company at the career fair. Well I'm here to provide you with some tips on how to be successful at a career fair and secure a job.

Tip #1: Dress to Impress

I feel like this should be a given, but frankly, you would be surprised. Spending time ironing your clothes, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, cleaning your nails, etc truly goes a long way. It gives the impression that you pay attention to detail; a key trait that recruiters look for when selecting a candidate.

Tip #2: Be interesting

Recruiters are talking to hundreds of people for hours at a time. Come with something interesting that shows who you are as an individual. Those are the people that will be remembered and offered an opportunity to move further in their application process. You want to present yourself as someone that anyone can identify with and see you as someone they want to identify and invest in.

Tip #3: Know what's on your resume

It's okay to have a career coach or someone review and spice up your resume. It's not okay to have something on there that even you are unsure what it is when someone asks you about something that you wrote. Only put on your resume what you're confident talking about because you don't want to get caught in a situation where it's evident that you didn't actually do what your resume says you did.

Tip #4: Come prepared with questions

Research the company you're interested in beforehand. It shows that you're interested and that you've done your homework. Common introductions you could use at "Hey. My name is ____ and I'm interested in learning more about opportunities and life at ____." or "Hi. My name is ______ and I'm interested in the opportunities that are available as a <insert major here> at your company." Anytime I posed those question I almost always got an interview. Coming forth with the mindset of "I know what I want I want and I know why I'm here." gives you the confidence you need to be interesting and stand out to recruiters.

Tip #5: Don't get discouraged

You may have gone to 10 different companies and didn't have the best of luck, it's okay! Take each conversation as 1) a networking opportunity and 2) an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. When I went to career fairs early on my college career, I had no idea what I was doing. The more you talk to recruiters the easier it gets and you'll become comfortable.

Hope you enjoyed my tips. If you have anymore, feel free to share! - The Engineer

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