The Engineer: Wellness

Hello Everyone! This week, we will be talking about wellness.

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” – J. Stanford I’ve realized over the past couple of years that being physically healthy is only a small part of actually being well. You may find your body telling you different things than how you mentally feel which can create an imbalance hindering your overall wellness. When life hits you with tons of responsibilities, it can get stressful and your body as a whole can really take a toll as a result to any mental and emotional struggle you may be going through. Graduating college and working has really given me the opportunity to grow and understand myself more in terms of being in-tune with my wellness. I tend to live an active lifestyle, so it’s really imperative for me to be completely and holistically well in order to be able to do the things I need and want to do to the best of my ability. Here are a few of my wellness tips: Exercise. It seems like everyone these days is talking about working out and achieving certain “#bodygoals.” I too subscribe to this as well but working out has helped me in more ways than working towards achieving a physical aesthetic. Working out regularly has played a huge part in my mental health. Doing different workouts that are challenging physically definitely allows me to also test my mental toughness. I feel the best when I’ve completed a tough workout where I ran further or faster or increased in weights or reps. I can honestly say there’s a huge difference in how I feel when I work out at least once during the work week vs. when I don’t work out at all. Engaging in some sort of physical activity even if it’s something small, can make a huge difference.

Go to the Doctor. This is something that is something so simple, but I am always surprised how many people don’t get regular check-ups. As in-tune as you may feel with your body, having those quantitative metrics are like a test to see if you are truly as healthy as you claim to be. With that, you can adjust whatever current lifestyle choices you make to work towards a better you from the inside out.

Take your vitamins and/or other medication. I personally am not the best at taking my vitamins. My parents still ask me every day and I am almost twenty-four years old. Regardless, taking a multivitamin or any other supplements will help boost your health and they shouldn’t be ignored even if it feels trivial now. When I don’t take my vitamins for a couple of days I feel really tired and fatigued and it limits my willingness to do anything more than my required activities (i.e. go to work). Give yourself time to relax…or else. Your body needs a break. As much as you want to keep going and going and going, your body needs a break to recharge. Go on vacation (or a staycation), sleep in, and get a message; do whatever you need to do to feel completely and totally refreshed for the next event. Throughout the summer , I was so busy and really didn’t have a moment to slow down and as a result, I was sick for an entire week. As frustrated and sad I was being sick, I knew that my body needed the break from everything going on in my life. Now I feel better than ever and I’m able to tackle anything that comes my way.

Treat yourself. We all work hard and handle our business. It’s good to reward ourselves a bit for the work that we’ve done and all that we’ve accomplished. Buy something off your wish list, buy yourself a nice dinner, or just treat yourself in a way that you would want people to reward you for your accomplishments. You deserve it and you’ll be motivated to do more. Put your sanity first. One of my mantras post college is “My sanity is worth more than _______.” There’s been a number of things that I’ve had to be the “bad guy” and tell some hard truths but my sanity has thanked myself for it. Rid yourself of toxic people, bad ideas, and miserable situations and start living your life for you. Too often group decisions are being made when only one person is carrying it out. You don’t need all that added energy in when your only your energy is fulfilling the task. Stand up for yourself, take ownership of your own thoughts, and manage your expectations and the expectations of others. Check in with your friends and make sure someone is checking into you. If your friends are really your friends, when they’re doing well, you’re going to want to do well and also feel like you’re doing well. Make sure you ask them how they’re doing and keep each other accountable in making sure you all are all achieving holistic wellness. Make a list, set reminders, just plug into one another’s lives and make sure you all flourish. My wellness tips are constantly growing as I discover new things about myself. You don’t need to have a 100% full proof plan (like with budgeting ) but having a plan in place is definitely a start in the right direction.

What are some of your wellness tips? Share them in the comments!

– The Engineer 

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