The Engineer: Why You Should Work With Others

Hey everyone! Hope you are staying safe and healthy! This week we are talking about why it's important that you should work with other people to benefit your career. I've felt that while working they pride people on being the "Subject Matter Expert" and being the "only one" who knows how to do x. While it might be tempting to build your career on becoming a SME I'm here to tell you that it's more valuable to learn how to better work with others and share your knowledge. Here are my reasons why:

Collaboration is an important skill

Being able to collaborate with other people is a soft skill that is needed in order to grow in your career. Through collaboration you increase your interpersonal intelligence skills which can help you shape yourself as a leader and increase your impact and reach towards others.

You will learn more

Different people come with different perspectives which can help advance whatever it is that you're trying to work on. When you've been working on something for a long time, you may be siloed in your thinking which can have you feeling stuck. By working with others they can help you be able to solve more problems and get things going.

It's a simple way to give back

You have built a wealth of knowledge and you should share that knowledge with people who are looking to learn from you. No one can take away from you what you already know, so why not share it with others? Sharing your knowledge can help someone grow their career and you have the ability to empower others to achieve more than they thought possible.

Working with others is an important skill that can be used to help others as well as yourself. Don't be shy about your knowledge and share it with the world!