The Engineering: Managing Feedback

Hello Friends and Family! Hope you guys are having a fantastic week! This week we wanted to talk about receiving feedback and what to do with it going forward. This topic came at a good time because I just had my first annual review at my job so my tips and approaches are fresh and still on my mind.

Now I think the important thing to do before getting formalized feedback is to make sure you're aware of how you're doing. The last thing you want to be is surprised during the feedback conversation because that may completely derail the conversation. Ask often for informal feedback to continue growing and bettering yourself throughout the year and not just once. For me, every project I worked on, I asked everyone how this process could be improved and what we could do better. To me I think this helped me build those connections and relationships which allows me to take true ownership and gain recognition for my work.

Don't be afraid to receive feedback. You're just starting out! You can't expect to be perfect and honestly, you don't want to be perfect. Young or old, you want to be challenged to continue growing and building your brand and achieve more than what you thought could be possible. Ask for clear, tangible things that you can work on improving. As I've mentioned before, I switched to a new team which required a completely different skill set from my previous team. I was definitely nervous about receiving feedback because coming to a new team was challenging getting up to speed. After speaking with one of my managers before my meeting, he assured me everything would be fine and the goal is focusing on things that would ultimately help grow me in my career. He was right!

Have a game plan. You've gotten this feedback and now you need to show that you're able to take correction. Devise a plan to show that you've heard the feedback and you're willing to improve and better yourself and better the team overall. One thing my manager said during my feedback meeting was to be more transparent about the tasks that I've been working on. The next time I met with him I provided an entire spreadsheet with all of the current tasks that I have on my to do list listed in the order I wish to do them. He liked the fact that I had a list and it definitely changed the course of our meetings going forward.

Getting feedback is important because it gives you a format to check-in and see how you were doing. How you choose to be receptive to the feedback is what will allow you to grow and build your career.

See you next week! - The Engineer

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