The Technologist: Dancing Boul

I was one of those kids that grew doing a little bit of everything: multiple sports, dance, choir, music, etc. As you get older, doing all of that can be extremely overwhelming. So at some point you have to prioritize. The things that are no longer a priority either die off or become hobbies. In my case, I cut down my number of sports to two in high school, and then to one for college. I knew that basketball was the sport I wanted to play at the highest level so I stuck with that. Everything else, like music and dance, would have to take a back seat as well, but I didn't necessarily have to stop altogether. Between the two dancing is probably my biggest hobby. If I didn't play basketball ball I would have been a dancer, and pursued a dancing career. Now that I'm done with college basketball, dance is something that I am still considering pursuing. Dance even helps me as an athlete. The footwork, the rhythm, the timing. All components needed in both basketball and dance. No matter where I am, the moment I hear some music or a beat or anything relative to dance, I can't help but get into a groove. It brings out another side of me; my personality in its truest form. Any one who knows me knows that I love to dance. I look for any opportunity to do it really. I even stay up all night sometimes watching videos or trying to visualize a move I want to figure out. When songs with dance moves attached to them come out, I figure out how to do it right away. Why? Because is gives me a chance to take something new and add my own twist or spin to it. To add my own style and flavor. It's freeing in a way. Regardless of who's around who's watching, it's your show. Without dance, life wouldn't be as excited or great. Going out places and exploring wouldn't be as fun! Almost every place around the world has its own type of style of dance, and being able to go anywhere and pick it up, is an amazing feeling.

-The Technologist

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